The Number One Best Japanese Food Ever

Rock Lee Curry

I can’t remember when I first encountered this delightful Japanese delicacy. I can’t remember when I first caught that now-familiar scent wafting through the streets of Tokyo. It’s like it’s always been with me, the craving always a part of me, and no diet or empty bank account or reasonable shop hours can stand between me and my most favorite of favorite foods in Japan.

You MUST eat it!!!!!

You MUST eat it!!!!!

I’m talking about Japanese Curry baby! When people ask me what my favorite Japanese food is and my eyes light up, my mouth starts to water and I emphatically scream “Japanese Curry!!!!” They laugh at me. That’s because it’s like coming to North America and, after sampling all the wonderful artery-clogging delights of the West, declaring your favorite food to be grilled cheese sandwiches, especially cut into neat little triangles with no crust.

It’s pretty much what they feed kids to teach them how to use a spoon. But you know what? I don’t care. Do you hear me? I DO NOT CARE!!

It’s delicious.

It’s chunky and thick and and savory and aaarrrrgggg. I love it. It can been sweet as the smile of a newborn puppy or hot as the fires of Hitler’s bedroom.

I consider myself a curry connoisseur because…because I do, and without question the best curry franchise in Japan is GoGo Curry. If you come to Tokyo you can’t miss it. It’s got a big gorilla on the sign. image (1)

And what is curry without katsu–that delicious abomination of fried, battered pork famous in Japan. Whenever Japanese people tell me Japanese food is “so healthy” I usually say *cough* katsu *cough*, but God bless them for inventing it. GoGo Curry has the best katsu curry out. Just look at it.

image (2)

I like GoGo curry because their curry is really thick, unlike a certain “Number 1 Shop” that shall remain nameless. And look at that rich dark colour. It’s just as full of flavour as it looks. You can’t see it but under the curry and katsu is rice. And those white things on the side are pickled shallots.

It’s also easy to get the ingredients to cook curry yourself, but I can’t even come close to matching the perfection of GoGo Curry. Mine always lacks a certain…edibility, so I prefer to just go out and buy it.

So there you have it. Keep your sea urchin and raw horse and fermented soy beans. My favorite Japanese food will always be a steaming plate of Japanese Curry,

You must eat it.



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