My Top Writing Tip for Setting the Mood

door-of-sidi-bu-said-6-848399-mLong ago, in a land lost to history, a caliph kept djinn prisoner and pimped them out to grant wishes for profit. But the djinn, who hated all humanity for enslaving them, turned every wish into a curse. So rich men and women used to the services of wishcrafters, who drafted wishes with perfect wording containing no loopholes for the djinn to exploit. But before a wish could be sold, someone had to test it…

That’s the premise of my latest novella, Wishtester, which follows a young wishtester named Faruq. It’s coming soon to a blog near you. Look out for it!

Creating the magical, ancient Arabian world where this story takes place–the greedy caliph’s white palace, the colorful and chaotic market, and the giant, ethereal djinn born of smokeless fire–were a lot easier to do with a soundtrack. I create my best settings when I have music to help me set the mood, and the song I had on repeat for this one was Dub on the Beach by Razoof (East Instrumental Mix by ZEB).

Gorgeous isn’t it?

And here’s another one by the same Duo: High Tide, Lower East Dub (Zeb Mix) 

And finally, some haunting Middle Eastern Oud

You can find all the music on itunes.

Check back soon for the first chapter of Wishtester!


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