Why Fuji Q Highland is the best Theme Park in Japan


It’s all about the roller coasters!

Now me, I’m a thrill seeker. I’ll pick up and move to a foreign country where I don’t know the language just because. I’ll prance around with Tigers in Thailand. I’ll eat foods I can neither identify nor pronounce. I even once told my mom I didn’t like her spaghetti and I could make it better. So when you tell me there’s a magical place that’s home to the tallest and scariest roller coasters in a Japan, a country well known for going that extra mile in whatever they do, well I’m like ‘Disney who?”

I’ve been wanting to visit Fuji Q Highland for the last three years and I finally rounded up a crew in this overworked country that had the free time to go. And…IT WAS EVERYTHING I’VE DREAMED OF AND MORE!

The very first ride we tackled was this feat of engineering.



Let me introduce you to Takabisha, the coaster with an almost 90 degree drop. And you know what? That plunge wasn’t even the scariest part. It was going up. That slow ascension really gives you time to think about how if anything goes wrong you are totally and completely screwed. As the car goes up you’re lying back, staring at the sky, praying it reaches the top like it’s supposed to and doesn’t suddenly start back down instead.

Takabisha was a beast, but it was only the third scariest coaster in the park.
The Number two spot goes to…



No vertical drops on this one but it’s looong, for a roller coaster anyway. It had to be a good two minutes at least. The overall design was scarier too, with a lot of sudden drops.

But this last coaster…Jesus. If you couldn’t tell, I consider myself a kind of roller coaster connoisseur. Almost nothing genuinely scares me. Almost nothing. But this bad boy right here…



Eejanaika means something like “It’s all good” in Japanese.


This one freaked me out. ME! Not only are you going along a track with already crazy drops, loops and twists, the seat spins! So you’re facing up, down, sideways, directions that are still theoretical, directions that haven’t been officially accepted by science yet. You’re flailing around at the mercy of Fuji Q’s engineers, and all you can see are flashes of sky, and track, and your feet up over your head, and life as you’ve lived it so far. It was insane. It was discombobulating. And it ended right before I was about to become that person.  The one who knows they’re a chicken and shouldn’t be riding coasters, but gets on anyway, maybe to impress his hot girlfriend, and halfway through the ride starts shouting “I wanna get off!”

And would I ride it again?

Hell yeah!


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