Trifecta Writing Challenge: Regret

Here’s my first ever entry into the Trifecta Writing Challenge!image

The aim of the game is:

1) to tell a short (and they mean short) story in 33 words
2) to use a predetermined word in that same short story.

Today’s story prompt is brought to you by the word “worm”, as in “to worm something out of someone”.

Are you ready? ‘Cause here we go!


I taste metal on the air and my fingers are slick and red. He’s still. Cold. I have sinned, Lord. Why…why did you allow me to finally worm the truth from him?


13 thoughts on “Trifecta Writing Challenge: Regret

  1. Christine

    Interesting – what would have happened if the narrator had *not* managed to worm the truth out of him? It might have gone worse… Great, gory little piece.


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