About the Blog

Black-woman-in-JapanCall me Nandie. I’m a writer and Blogger living in a novel metropolis. Tokyo is the kind of city that stimulates every sense, and I find inspiration in it’s glittering high-rises, in the good smells wafting out of the little ramen and yakitori joints lining back alleys, and in the rumble of trains weaving their way between towering structures, not to mention the colorful people who turn the streets into their personal runway.

So join me in my novel metropolis as, under Tokyo’s bright lights, I work toward my dream of becoming a published author. がんばります!(Wish me luck!)

1 thought on “About the Blog

  1. John Hopkins alias Adam Krug

    Sorry, didn’t realise you were a writer. So that’s why your page is so very readable! Congratulations on your novella–it deserves to be published. My first novella is in Japanese, and likewise awaiting publication. Wishing you every success,
    John H


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